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TMJ guest DJ on Sirius/XM Elvis Radio, April 10, 11am cst
Special 50th anniversary of the movie "Girl Happy"

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"Raised on Elvis, Vol 7" available now, see "TMJ Music" to order CDs

TMJ Band w/horns, Glen D Hardin, return to Draffenville, KY JULY 11

More symphony concerts coming up in 2015-2016:
Knoxville, TN - May 9; 
Bowling Green, KY - July 25;
Evansville, IND - Oct. 10 - 11
Augusta, GA - Nov. 19;
Detroit, MI - Nov. 28-29;
Winston-Salem, NC - Feb. 13, 2016

and more TBA Soon!  See appearance schedule


Terry Mike Jeffrey

Photo: Walker McCutcheon

about CD's, photos, etc., Email: tmj602@aol.com
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Performance video of TMJ's '07-'08 European tours: go to "YouTube", type "Terry
Mike Jeffrey".  Lots of footage from Belgium, France, Norway and more.








"Raised on Elvis, Volume 7"

Includes: "Baby I Don't Care" (remix),
"Fever", "Any Way You Want Me",
"Unchained Melody (Live!), "Moody
Blue" - 19 songs in all

Other TMJ albums:

"Raised on Elvis, Vol. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

"Relentlessly", "Reconciled"


"Merry Christmas"

Go to "TMJ Music" for ordering CDs




TMJ with the Memphis Symphony, January 2014


Terry Mike Jeffrey & Lisa Marie Presley


The Whole TMJ Family!  JAN 10, 2015, Cannon Center, Memphis   (Photo: John Beach)
L-R: Chase, Adam, Kristie, Angie, Sierra, Olivia, Savannah, TMJ, Debbie, Madalynn



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