Terry Mike Jeffrey portrays young Elvis Presley in


Broadway touring production (1988-89) featured Terry Mike, Debbie and Kaye, then-TMJ band members Wesley Pryor and Ken Freeman.  The show played in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Louisville, Vancouver, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Houston, Toronto, Atlanta, Detroit, Buffalo, Omaha, New Orleans, Little Rock, Denver, Dallas, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Nashville, Charlotte, New Haven, Hartford, & others.

(The show was originally called "Elvis - An American Musical".  The name was changed to "Elvis - A Musical Celebration" near the end of the run.)

Kevin McCann, Wesley Pryor, Terry Mike Jeffrey, Ken Freeman
(Beacon Theater, New York City, June 1989)


(Shubert Theatre, New Haven, Conn., June 1988)


Playbill, Las Vegas Hilton, Summer 1988


"Elvis" cast, Las Vegas Hilton Showroom, August 1988
(Debbie - extreme left;  Terry - top left;  Wes - near center w/drumsticks;  Kaye - near right with fan)

Terry portrays his hero in "Elvis - - An American Musical"
August, 1988, Las Vegas Hilton Showroom, the same stage that Elvis Presley performed on from 1969 until 1976



TMJ, Johnny, Julian - Las Vegas Hilton Sign - 1988

Julian Whitaker, Johnny Seaton, Terry Mike Jeffrey
portray "ELVIS"


TMJ (front with guitar) - Finale


Kevin McCann, TMJ, Ken Freeman - Vegas 1988



"Elvis" (TMJ), singin' to the ladies


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