Terry Mike Jeffrey meets  ELVIS !


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August 1, 1969 in Las Vegas, backstage at the International Hotel, between the dinner show and midnight show.  TMJ is 15 years old - Elvis is 34.


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Terry would eventually meet Elvis on 3 more occasions, twice at the Memphian Theater (summer of '72), and once at Graceland (May 1977), and saw a total of 38 different Elvis concerts, mostly in Las Vegas.

This was the night following the actual special opening night show with invited guests.  On August 1, Elvis played his first "general public" engagement since 1961.



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Elvis and Lewis Warford - TMJ took this photo, Lewis took all of the other ones from this occasion


Elvis signed this photo for TMJ - "To Terry - Best of Luck, Pal - from Elvis Presley"




TMJ & Debbie are standing at the Graceland gates, July 1973.  Elvis drives down in his white Stutz Blackhawk, and just before pulling out onto EP BLVD, he looks straight into the camera. 

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